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Grief Awareness Day


Angie Cartwright is the founder of National Grief Awareness Day, occurring on her mother's birthday of August 30 of each year.

Angie has experienced the pain of profound loss many times in her life starting with the loss of her baby sister when Angie was just a small child, the loss of her newlywed husband from a tragic car accident at age 21, and the loss of her mother from an accidental overdose in 2010.

Learning the hard way that grievers are often misunderstood, Angie is committed to help change how our culture understands and views grief. She expertly coaches and comforts people all around the world through social media, her website, and her Grief Release Course, to help thousands of grievers find solid footing once again.

"I finally realized that there was only one thing I could ever do to be free, shares Angie. "It was to embrace my humanness."

This is the little girl many of you may remember from TV programs such as "Lost in Space" and "The Danny Thomas Show" or Brigitta von Trap in "The Sound of Music."

Wednesday, August 30th, every year is National Grief Awareness Day.

You're invited to join! Gospel Light Ministries, would like to extend a short Vigil Service, this Wednesday, August 30, 2023 at 6:00 PM to allow all who are grieving, reasons known and unknown to others, to gather in prayer, open or silent about their grief, but supported by one another.

Come join us. Your loss is as private as you wish to keep it. Bring your friends and or family that may wish to support you.

There is nothing more soothing and healing than the collective strength and power of prayer!

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